Nar’Cainum, named after the country it sits upon, is the largest port city in the realm. Spanning high into the skies above and diving deep underground and ocean it is one of the most valuable and cherished city-state to the people. Lasting for well over three centuries now the city-state has reach the top of modern advancement and peace time merriment.

The City-state is not without defense though, as all entry point and possible faults are guarded and inspected throughly on a regular basis. all incoming trade, people, stock, and mail is screened and checked by the Service of the Eye, a branch of the mysterious Royal Body

The Tall’s Wall is the best land based protection the people have from the outside world. the wall is armed with both rapid Gatling cannon, rocket, Long Strikes, and the experimental handheld RBGun. On the Tall’s Wall are armored troopers of the Order of the Fist of the Royal Body.

Protecting the busy airspace of Nar’Cainum, is the Guild of the Head. The air force of the massive City-state. Armed with the ‘top of the line’ aircraft and anti-aircraft armament’s. The greatest aircraft the city manufactures, operates, and sells is the LRAS Atlantias. The massive network of towers and catwalks that fill the steam and smoke filled skies are the major blood lines of the City-state as most trade comes in through there.

Hoagginsville is the cities dockyard of the city, recently there was been a large increasing numbers in fish and fish sales. Along the old dockyards are building made from ancient sea vessels.


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